What kind of auctions do we do?

We offer Free Consultations, Appraisal Services, Pick-up & Transportation, Warehousing, Receiving Docks for Drop Offs, Packing Assistance & Materials, Full Inventory and Accounting, Our Location or yours.

NOTE: Let us help you decide what is sellable, you’re not alone in this process. We know the market value for the items in your home. Beware of making rash decisions on donating, giving away or sending valuable items to the landfill. We save families thousands of dollars by sharing our knowledge of  trends and values of items that you may not be aware of. Many things in every home are desirable and have value.

Downsizing Auctions: (Our Specialty)

Whether you’re a Senior moving to a new smaller home, or a family on the move, we have the perfect service for you. Online Auctions don’t have to be huge and all encompassing. Take with you what you will, we’ll handle the rest. Let us help you decide what is sellable. Good ‘Auction Results’ start with the first visit. And our consultation is FREE!

Estate Auctions (Partial or complete):

“Mother kept everything” Don’t be overwhelmed! There is a market, a buyer for almost everything in your house. ColumbusOnlineAuctions has the bidders that want to buy those items. Let us help you sort the merchandise. Many times an inexperienced family member will dispose of items that could have made a difference. Please, let us help. It’s the right thing to do.

Elite Collections:

Yearly we have both large and small specialty auctions. We have sold Button Collections, Gun Collections, Glass, Figurines, Jewelry, Clothing, Ephemera (Paper Goods), Clock collections and Toy collections. We have the best bidder base in Central Ohio for your collection. Put our experience on your side.

Antiques and Collectibles:

Many dealers and collectors will attend your auction. These individuals will know your items are being offered at auction. An online auction is a safe and secure way to sell your favorite possessions. We control who touches and handles your things, and we keep your things out of ‘their’ pockets.

Consignment Auctions:

Replacing your dinning room set? Selling the things that once interested you but now don’t? We can accept just a few things and sell them in one of our many consignment auctions. Your items will never get mixed with another parties with our computer generated ‘lotting’ system. An Online-Auction is the best way to track your items. A full accounting will be made available to each seller, post-auction.


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