Welcome to ColumbusOnlineAuctions.com, you now have access to the selling power of the largest Auction Community in the State of Ohio and the entire Midwest!.. ColumbusOnlineAuctions.com enjoyed 6.5 million views in 2016.

What makes us your premier auction?

Selling? Here is what makes us unique:

We offer one flat fee for auction services.

We remit the proceeds in 10 days!

We sign a sellers agreement with our pledge, all services outlined and locked-in. When you’re ready.

Our Auction Managers and Auction Writers are engaged in our unique Ongoing Education Program, (OEP) to ensure they are aware of the latest selling trends, values and Social Marketing/Networking tools, bringing buyers to your merchandise.

We maintain an “A” rating on Angie’s list.

For downsizing seniors:

We do all the work. You deserve only the kindest, most patient auction Managers in Columbus. We’ve got them! Trained to help you make decisions at this pivotal time in your life. We lift, we move, we can help you sort.

CAUTION! Please don’t be to quick to throw away or donate ‘what just might be a family treasure’ that you were unaware of. Let us look, we know what’s valuable in today’s marketplace.

Condo Associations love our service. Our Online Auction program has been accepted and approved by 100% of Condominium Managers and Neighborhood Associations. Limited traffic congestion, no parking complaints. Gated Community friendly.

Executors, Trustees, and POA:

We can facilitate your project regardless of what City or State you are In. Our President, Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer, is Licensed by the State of Ohio.

All Auction Proceeds are held in Escrow and released in any manner within your directive.

We can act as your Fiduciary Agent in selling the contents of the home, including Fire Arms, Antiques, Household Goods, Clothing and Automobiles.

You can see our progress online.

Attorneys, Probate Cases, and Guardianships:

Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer, is on the list of approved Auctioneers and Appraisers with the Franklin County Probate Court.

Quick turnaround, personal appearance in your office, immediate payout upon conclusion.

Real Estate Agents, Realtors, and Brokers:

Our Online Auction Service is ‘Front Lawn Friendly’. No Circus atmosphere!

Reduced foot traffic. Compared to a ‘Live’ auction the foot traffic in the home is reduced by 95%.. The stress on the plumbing system is 188% less. Limiting liability .. priceless.

Limited car traffic will not annoy the neighbors.

An Online Auction is the ‘quiet’ selling preference by 100% of the neighbors.

We can thin out the home for staging, then return to sell the contents upon transfer.

Do they need out now? Currently we have 4 locations in Central Ohio for warehousing.

How to contact us to setup your auction

Contact Gary Grizzle

Phone: 614-868-3626

Email: ggrizauctions@gmail.com

**Contact Gary For New Auctions Only. See Terms Of Registration for any questions regarding items you want to bid on or have bid on.

We THANK YOU for bidding through ColumbusOnlineAuctions.com

Contact Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer (Corporate Office) 614-868-3626 (Cell) 614-866-8668 to arrange, a free, personal consultation

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